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Referee & Table Official
The AllOfficials app is a simple and straightforward platform that helps connect Event Organisers with qualified Officials in a matter of seconds. Through AllOfficials, you will have access to basketball job opportunities whether you are a Referee or Table Official!
There are many phenomenal basketball coaches in the UK who are positive role models in our communities. We want to bring the basketball coaching community together to share information, knowledge and to increase the standards of basketball coaching in the country. We believe this is essential for the growth of UK basketball.
You can get involved if you are a coach already or whether you would like to receive qualifications in order to become one.
There are two ways to start coaching with us:

Coaches Pool

The LBA is always looking for great coaches. If you are a reliable professional, sign up today and become an LBA recommended coach.

Coaches Development Scheme

You are eligible to join the scheme whether you are interested in becoming a coach or you are already qualified and would like to keep learning and improving in your role. For those wanting to start their career as a coach, we offer qualifications and practical training in order to build your confidence and competence as a coach, so we can streamline you to paid opportunities.
If you are interested in becoming a coach, or coaching jobs please complete our Basketball Coaching Interest Form below.

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