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Volunteer with The LBA

Volunteering with LBA is exciting, challenging. We understand that volunteering should be a rewarding and educational experience, and we know that volunteering can be the flame which exposes your true passions. We hope that we can help you while you help us!


There are two platforms for people to enrol as a volunteer:

You can get involved with the LBA in a wide variety of rolls and we can help train you. If you have a career path you want to get into, this is a perfect way to develop those skills and get your foot in the door. Below are a few roles as examples.

This is for people who want to help LBA help the community. Here are some examples of some roles:

  • Journalist
  • Photographer
  • Fundraiser
  • Marketing adviser
  • Coaching
  • Officiating
  • Driver

Once enrolled you are part of a great cause and it should go without saying that you will be entitled to references of good work upon completion, invites to meetings & events, and much more.

Send us an email to [email protected] with your CV, cover letter, and role(s) that you are interested in or apply below.

Basketball Coaching

There are many phenomenal basketball coaches in the UK who act as positive role models in our communities. We want to bring the coaching community together to share information and to develop basketball coaching in the country. We believe this is important for the growth of UK basketball. We have two channels to engage coaches:

We are always looking out for great coaches as there is a high demand for reliable professionals who take their craft seriously. Sign up today and start the process of becoming a LBA recommended coach.

For people who are interested in becoming a coach or building up their coaching knowledge, LBA have a development scheme which anyone can contact us about and show an interest in. We will then get them qualified and have them nurtured until they’re confident and competent, meaning they can go on to receive paid work. This project stems from our “Real Experience”.

For those that are already qualified we can help to continue your development as we know that you never stop learning as a coach. To find out more contact us.

Become an Official/Referee

Officials are imperative to the sport of basketball. We want to ensure these individuals are respected and developed to the best they can be.


We have three programmes surrounding officials with the aim of enhancing their reputation by developing individuals’ to become great officials for the future of our game.

Coach & Referee Pay Structure Sample

Please note that the LBA has an incentive pay scheme, and we use this to pay you as much as possible, granted you meet the criteria. This is to safeguard everyone involved (coaches, officials, event organizers, the LBA and the people we serve) because our objective is to improve Londoner’s lives!

For coaching, officiating and any other work that is contracted, The LBA reserves the right to determine compensation based on the conduct of the coach or official. Proper conduct of the coach or official means meeting LBA’s general criteria and if this is not met, compensation may be deducted by 25%. Here is the general criterion to consider:

  • No issues’s with punctuality: coaches and officials must be at the event they are scheduled to work at least 15 minutes before it is due to start.
  • Performance: coaches and officials must complete their job in a way that ensures that the LBA will not receive any complaints from the event organisers on behalf of a coach or officials performance.
  • LBA having to deal with issues, which could have been avoided.


Here is an invoice template that you will need to fill out, convert to PDF, and send it to us:

Invoice Template

Pay run occurs generally on the last Thursday of each month, and payment will be made 7 days of this date.

We have a development scheme which stems from another project Volunteer and Develop Programme. Novices or anyone wanting to become an official can contact us showing interest, we will then get them qualified and have them nurtured until they are confidence and competent, at which point they can go on to receiving paid work.

Individuals and organisations often request officials from us and we supply this demand. However we would like to enhance this service over time via two channels:

  1. Collaborating with other organisations that run officiating services.
  2. Recruit more officials and have them get paid work which is geographically local to them.

We believe officials are worth investing in and want to help inspire a new perception. One way of doing this is making officials aware of the bigger impact their job has on the game and on lives. We help them develop themselves by staying active and learning from the best leagues in and out of the UK. Secondly we want to ensure that they are appropriately compensated. Therefore we want to pay at least £35 for referees and £25 for table officials per game. We are well on track to achieving this goal.