Future Coach to the Rescue

A great opportunity to become the next generation of London’s Coaches, or UK for that matter as this qualification means you can coach anywhere in the country, as Head Coach up to nation league level. Can you picture the amount of good you could do, I would consider it to be a superpower, as you inspire people to live better lives taking up sport, competing for championships, but on the other hand we all heard the saying with great power comes great responsibility and when your students do anything you say you must act as the leader they need to take them out of comfort zones while keeping the balance.

This course is being put on via a collaboration between England Basketball, One Westminster, Lewisham Thunder and the lead group is London Basketball Association (LBA). It will allow up to 16 candidates who must show passion and commitment if they want a free placement, by volunteering 25 hours which they will be nurtured into becoming an experienced coach, as all good coaches know it’s a marathon not a sprint. Anyone can apply but will have to pay £150, which is still a very good price as this particular qualification can cost over £300 per person.

There are many reasons for making this happen, but I’ll only tell you a few and let your mind assume what the rest could be. Clubs are under resourced and this will ease the strain and allow clubs to be more efficient, plus expand what they are currently doing. The number of youths that will benefit from being coached from these 16 individuals will grow grow every year, as they coach in schools, sport centers & clubs. That coach would reach over 2000 people a year, considering the ratio 15 students to 1 coach, teaching 3 different groups a week with practice duration of 2 hours each and that’s just 1 coach doing 3 sessions remember.

The City of Westminster will benefit the most from this, as all candidates not paying will volunteer for “Active Westminster Clubs” to complete their 25 hours of volunteering. LBA hope to build alliances with more basketball organisation and this one step towards doing so. We  would like to run these course more regularly instead of sporadically and looking for sponsorship, so if interested please contact us or donate here, stating what you want the money to go towards.


Course details:

  • Price- Free to £150
  • Dates & Times- 25th to 29th August 2014, 10:00 to 16:00 (must attend all times and dates)
  • Venue- Lewisham Thunder Basketball Club, Unit 2 Stockholm Rd, London, SE16 3LP

For more info contact us


LBA paid a visit to the recently refurbished, dedicated Basketball facility in SE London. It was a thing of beauty, situated 5/10 minutes from the bus stop & train station, right next to Millwall Football stadium (The Den), there is a ton of  character woven into it’s existence. As for the court it self there is plenty that is already taken place, from wheelchair basketball, Coaching and Official courses taken place in the classrooms, to local & National league fixtures which everyone is invited to come watch as they have seating around the whole court.  Dare I mention there are 2 full sized courts & it’s lead buy Steve Bucknall & his committed crew who go by the name of “London Thunder”  Basketball Club (formally know as Lewisham Thunder).

Level 2 Coaching course is underway and were looking forward to the receiving the results at the end. LBA will pop down at the half way point to take pictures, get interviews and footage on them in action. This is a great course which has helped so many peoples lives!