LBA Give Back To Local Community

February 2023 saw the London Basketball Association take huge strides into boosting local participation in basketball.

Staff of the LBA recently met with local schools and clubs in need of basketball equipment, specifically basketballs, to donate and reward schools in need of the tools to support basketball provisions.

The equipment will help multiple schools of more than 500 students enjoy the sport of basketball and help to support local provisions of basketball camps, events and competitions in the local area.
Ryan from Queen’s Park Gardens Club spoke about his gratitude to the LBA and what he hopes to achieve from the donation of this equipment.
The London Basketball Association have been very kind in providing us with basketball for our future sessions, Ryan said.
Thanks to the LBA, local children from Queens Park Primary School and St Luke’s Primary School will be able to partake in our basketball sessions during our after-school and half-term provisions.
Ryan spoke about the cost of basketballs being a huge barrier in satisfying demands for kids who want to play the sport.
Our expertise has been football but basketballs are expensive and we are very appreciative to you guys [the LBA] for supporting us.
Meanwhile, Reeago Singh, another recipient of the equipment and a primary school teacher, spoke about why he reached out to the LBA regarding his school’s basketball provisions.
A lot of the kids had an interest in basketball and wanted to start training but there was nothing (basketball equipment) to work with and as the school budget, we wanted to reach out to you [the LBA], Reeago said.
Our CEO Tony Lazare also spoke about this initiative.
It is really empowering and powerful [to be able to donate] and with basketball engaging with those that are hardest to reach, we are grateful to be able to give back and donate the basketball we were given by FIBA (International Basketball Federation), Tony said.
The donation of these basketballs is expected to spark a rise in participation within the area, with the lack of equipment a common barrier for many clubs and schools looking to satisfy the demand that is there.
One of our key aims at the London Basketball Association is to support the grassroots basketball community with the knowledge and tools they need to improve the quality of their basketball provisions.
Our support at a grassroots level means more basketball games are played, more young people are empowered and the sport of basketball continues to grow in the country.
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