Defining Success

Defining Success

Over the paPrintst 8 months, London Basketball Association embarked on ‘Defining Success’ data course, working with the London Youth staff to improve our charity organization fundamentals. LBA Chief Executive Officer, Tony Lazare, (seen on far right of photo) and Head of Fundraising, Gent Qamili, put themselfves forward to nail this target.

I Quote Tony “Sports Organisations are often good at ‘ Doing It’ but not ‘Reviewing It’, this is a critical point which many don’t prevail. LBA have ambitions to be ahead of the curve and we live in times where you have to prove yourself every step of the way. This course will solidify our foundations making us robust an able to operate effectively for years to come.

Project Oracle is a nationally recognized research group helping to deliver resources for striving charities in the greater U.K. The Defining Success course is designed to help analyse and assess how an organization’s projects are reaching the local community and impacting those participating. Tony and Gent’s goals of attending the workshop were to gain a better understanding of how to obtain a Level 1 validation from Project Oracle on current and future projects, as well as learn how to obtain data results from the Life Effectuate Questionnaire (LEQ), in order to understand how specific LBA projects are empowering the lives of young individuals. Both objectives will enable them to strengthen their position in an increasingly competitive environment and boost their future program development.


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(LondonYouth Twitter: “Fantastic to round up the first year of Defining Success, sharing learning with members and funders”)

As part of the course’s ‘Develop a Theory of Change’ initiative, Tony and Gent were able to get up to £5,000 free consultancy, including specialised training and support, an academic research placement and the opportunity to share learning insights and challenges with a group of peer organisations. Partnered with Project Oracle is London Youth, a network of other charities helping to support the youth community. They were able to offer the LBA a special opportunity to have a post University graduate or Masters student evaluate their progress throughout the duration of the course. With help from University student, Matthew, during the final stages of the process, Tony and Gent are 90% done with making their ‘Social Scrimmage’ Project their first Level 1 recognized endeavour. The team over at LBA is very confident this project within the course will be approved, as they hope other projects in the future will be recognized by Project Oracle as well.

Click Here to view LBA Young Adults Programme: Theory of Change initiative with the ‘Defining Success’ course

Tony has mentioned how Project Oracle has tremendously improved the quality of the LBA charity by saying, “We gained great knowledge using the life expectancy questionnaire the Defining Success course provided to us and how to utilise it to show tangible evidence of the journey young people take through participating in LBA projects.” By attending the ‘Defining Success’ course, the LBA is in better position to improve the reputation of affiliated sponsors who will benefit from being partnered with a Project Oracle approved organisation. Tony and Gent also hope that the Level 1 validation will improve funding from investors who are confident with the direction the LBA is headed. Developing a successful business in this tough economic environment is never easy, yet the LBA hopes to provide a strong professional framework to other charities who are looking to improve the lives of young individuals in their local area.Project Oracle