The LBA Westminster School League is back

We are thrilled to announce the 7th season of the LBA Westminster League. A competition that will allow schools throughout Westminster the chance to take part in competitive basketball games and benefit from everything that comes with it! It is going to be an amazing experience to be a part of. Which school will take the crown this year?

The entire league will use a round robin format. All games will occur from September to April. Each school has been assigned to a pool. You will play the schools in your pool once. 2 points for a win 1 point for a loss. Any tiebreakers will be decided by average points per game. 

Mid Season Cup:

  • Round robin matches will take place from 4th September –  30th November
  • The top team from the north and south pool at this point will qualify for the mid season finals
  • The U16 Boys & Girls finals will take place 6th December
  • The U14 Boys & Girls finals will take place  7th December 
  • The winner will take part in the London School Games

LBA Westminster League:

  • Round robin matches will continue 8th January –  29th March
  • The finals will take place 15th April – 30th April

The U16 Girls have one pool in this case the top two teams will be in the finals for both sections.

  • Please note, your school will be responsible and will need to make contact with the other schools to confirm a match. This is to allow flexibility in scheduling. Please  try to avoid Wednesdays when scheduling a match, this is due to referees being in high demand on this day of the week.



  • The LBA understands that there might be some factors which we are unaware of, that may cause inconveniences for a school to fulfil a match. Each team must give 2 weeks notice to confirm dates, times or venues of a match. This is to ensure matches are not rushed, as well as allowing the LBA time to allocate a referee. After the match details have been confirmed please email [email protected] and we will ensure a referee attends your match.



  • Last minute changes can be accounted for. However, if a cancellation occurs 7 days before or within a scheduled match. The team responsible will automatically forfeit. If any changes do occur please notify your opposition and arrange a date and time which is suitable for both schools. Send all confirmations/changes to [email protected]



  • If you reach out to a school and receive no response within 4 days please inform the LBA, if no answer is given to the LBA. The LBA will assume that the team has forfeited the match. There will be a grace period in September with schools starting up, it will be busy for you all and some schools may not have their squads selected.



  • Deciding home and away matches are down to the schools, but priority is given to teams who can assist with table officiating.
  1. Referees and table officials. LBA provide referee to all the events, however , you schools are to provide the table officials. LBA collaboration with AllOfficials to provide officials, if you wish to learn more please contact us at [email protected].
  2. R.O.C Framework – The LBA believes that every player should be a R.O.C in Basketball. These are Referees, Table Officials and a Coaches. If your school is taking part in the league you will have access to the following discounted courses.  £13 for Referee & Table Official Level 1, up to 10 places.  If you wish to learn more please contact us at [email protected].
  3. Employability. LBA has work experience opportunities and participants of this competition get priority.

Matches will be placed and updated on our website once all is confirmed, We will also have a league table showing the results of your matches. You can find that information here 



The LBA will reach out to schools to support on the day and carry out marketing for our website and social media where possible.

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