LBA School Competitions are back!

We are thrilled to announce the 5th season of the Primary & Secondary School Leagues, Tournaments, and Challenges. A competition that will allow many teams and individuals to take part in competitive basketball games and benefit from everything that comes with it! It is going to be super exciting as we have up to 3 rounds to be a part of, which are sure to be full of nail-biting moments and an exceptional positive learning experience!
This season we raised the bar significantly! We offer a number of unique advantages that both schools and the youth can benefit from so make sure to check out the advantages of joining section below. Please note the opportunities within this competition have been designed for schools in your borough. Thanks to the collaboration with London Youth Games (LYG) School Games competition we are able to connect with SGOs (School Games Organisers) in each borough, to ensure we provide the best experience for everyone participating.
  1. Flexible scheduling.
    • Most leagues have to play games on a Wednesday. Our league can play games on any day of the week
    • We have a goal of scheduling all the games before the season starts. If issues with the fixtures during the season do arise communicate this at the earliest convenience.
  2. Referees and table officials. Details on how they are provided for your games, because of collaboration with AllOfficials, are found in the Officials & Media Crew (+ Certification Courses!) section of this page.
  3. Certification courses & LBA Media Crew Ambassadors. We have free courses related to basketball events, more information are found on the Officials & Media Crew (+ Certification Courses!) section of this page.
  4. Employability. LBA has work experience opportunities and participants of this competition get priority.
  5. Team standings and fixtures. We provide this through this webpage of our website so you can keep track and stay updated throughout the season.
  6. Digital scoresheets. Stats will be available on our website in real-time during the game which means you do not have to manually send your score in to us. This is made possible because of digital scoresheets in which we no longer use paper scoresheets. It is super simple and we have a 10-minute video on how to use it.

Step 1. Schools Games Organiser Sign up

Criteria: Must-Have

  • Enough schools with indoor basketball courts to play a regular 5v5 game. Not every school must have this, however, it needs to be the majority
  • Commitment to support the programme and to help grow it
  • Invite to the school sports meeting to discuss the programme

Criteria: Not essential but ideal

  • A facility with a 3 court venue (or more) in the borough
  • Budget to cover costs
  • We work in line with the Index of Deprivation report. This is really helpful as we can only enter a limited amount of new boroughs each season and this will help gauge who gets priority.
If you meet the criteria mentioned above, please fill in our Expression of Interest form for the Secondary School Competitions.

Step 2. Individuals Schools Sign Up

  1. Please sign up your team(s) online HERE.
  2. Registration gives eligibility to the certification courses for up to 25 places per school
  3. After signing up, it is MANDATORY to fill in the Player Consent Form, which is due for all players before their first game. Please note for the security of your data we use Google Workspace and this is the industry standard for protecting our data.
  4. Players to complete feedback of surveys during the season.
  5. By entering the league you agree to our rules and conditions.
  6. Once you sign up LBA competition commissioner will be in touch with how to gain access to the accredited courses. More information on this can be found in the Officials & Media Crew (+ Certification Courses!).
  7. Once we know all the teams involved in a league for the season ahead will send out a draft schedule in early September which can be amended throughout the month in order to be finalised by 1st October, 2021. At this point, LBA will send out the official schedule for this season, which again can be altered in line with our rules and conditions.

Altered League Format


  1. Borough-wide League (short season due to COVID-19)

General Info

The season start date will be determined at a later date in line with the government’s guidance and schools’ preference. This could look like November to April or January to April. You can view the season schedule & table standings from our Fixtures page


Regular League Format


  1. Borough-wide League + Playoffs
  2. Borough-wide Midseason Tournament (winners will advance to represent the whole borough in the LYG School Games)
A school can enter both, however, it will be a decision for the borough’s SGO on what will be available to your borough.

General Info

  1. The season will run from October to April. You can view the season schedule & table standings from our Fixtures page.
  2. There will be U16 and U14 leagues for both boys and girls. Each age group will be made up of Divisions A & B where possible.
  3. Basketball officials setup information can be found in the Officials & Media Crew (+ Certification Courses!) section of this page. It is important to note that the school who is on the Home team will have to provide one (1) table official.

Season Format

  • Round 1 is Round Robin where you play everyone in your pool once. This has to be completed by February Half Term.
  • Round 2 is Seeded Playoffs where the top 4 teams will advance to the semi-final and then the finals. This is to be completed by Easter Holidays.

Additional Rounds

  • Midseason Tournament at a relevant venue, date is normally around November/December but TBC. Remember winners advance into the LYG School Games competition to represent the whole borough.
Officials will be managed by the AllOfficials website app which empowers you to be able to make changes to the details, four days before the game and is helping to make officiating viable.

Here is the set up for the league’s officials:
  1. Volunteers
    • LBA will reimburse members within the competition who volunteers as a referee or table official via the AllOfficials website app
    • Reimbursement fees. Subject to funding and to be agreed with SGO in the pre-season
      • Referee: £10 (flat)
      • Table Official: £6 (flat)
  2. Referees
    • U14 League – referees to be U16 or older (can be teachers and parents)
    • U16 League – referees to be older than 16 (can be teachers and parents)
    • Schools do not have to use their own members and can hire from LBA or AllOfficials directly
    • Tournaments and Playoffs – at least one level 2 referees paid for by the schools/SGO/LBA*
  3. Table Officials
    • All leagues: at least one table official ensured by the Home team, supported by LBA
    • Tournaments and Playoffs – relevant table officials paid for by the schools/SGO/LBA*
  4. Media Crew
    • All games: 1-3 students provided by the Home team to capture content. Away team can provide as well if they wish so.
      • LBA Media Crew Ambassadors: Each school will have to designate at least three students to sign up for this opportunity. Essentially, the students would take the Media Crew course (more information in the next section), they will be given LBA attire kit, and capture all the great content relevant to home games.

Certification Courses

Once signed up, the LBA competition commissioner will be in touch with how to gain access to the accredited courses. Each school will have a total of 25 places up to 100% off (costing you £0 to £11.85) for the following courses:

  1. Referee – Level 1*, includes FIBA Rules Refresher
  2. Table Official – Level 1*, includes FIBA Digital Scoresheet
  3. Media Crew Member – Level 1
  4. Gain access to 19 Duty of Care courses which includes essential courses such as First Aid and Safeguarding Young People

*bundled with an officiating t-shirt & whistle

LBA has an Initiative that everybody should become a ROC, this currently includes the following roles – Referee, Table Official, Coach and Media Crew Member at a Sports Event. With this said we are investing in the people within our competitions, by pledging to work with the schools by giving access to online accredited courses which are nationally recognised (subject to resources). This helps us achieve a competition which is self-sufficient where possible, this will save cost and grow the league, plus our young people will gain a more enriched experience
  • League Season fees: We would like to discuss with the borough’s SGO on what can be done from them. It takes a significant amount of coordination of time to set up manage all the particulars throughout the season whilst delivering quality at every step. LBA is also given a lot of resources and all of this ultimately cost time and money.
  • Hiring referees through LBA: £30 per game

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