Competition Rules

1. Format Rules for the 2023/24 Season

  1. All games will be played under normal FIBA rules, unless otherwise stated.
  2. Games are to be 10 min quarters (stopping clock) unless otherwise agreed by both teams because of time constraints.
  3. Winning team will be awarded 2 points, losing team will be awarded 1 point (in order to increase the competition).
  4. For the league standings if teams are level on points, then the average of points scored per game will be the decider.
  5. When team colours clash, home team colours prevail.
  6. No player can play without submitting player consent form (see also point 2.v)
  7. All players must be registered members of the team for whom they are playing with.
  8. If unable to use the digital scoring sheet please send the scores over to [email protected] (in the Subject please put “Borough, League, team names or/and reference number”) on the same day of the event.
  9. There is to be at least one table official who is able to use the digital scoring system provided by the school and one certified referee at each game. Home teams to ensure officials are sorted, with the support of LBA.
  10. Age restrictions for the Secondary School Leagues:
    1. Under 16 Leagues: Year 11 and under
    2. Under 14 Leagues: Year 9 and under

5v5 School's Competition

  1. Rest times
    1. Timeout duration: 1 minute
    2. Quarter time break: 2 minutes
    3. Half time break: 5 minutes
  2. Winning team will be awarded 2 points, losing team will be awarded 1 point (in order to increase the competition).
  3. Overtime duration: 5 minutes
  4. Awards
    1. College League
      1. League Winner Trophy
      2. MVP Trophy
      3. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals
    2. Midseason Tournament
      1. MVP Trophy
      2. Gold & Silver medals
      3. Spirit Award
  5. New Player Addition Deadline: 14 January 2024

3x3 Competition

  1. Rest times
    1. Timeout duration: 30 seconds (1 for each half)
    2. Half time break: 2 minutes
  2. Winning team will be awarded 2 points, losing team will be awarded 1 point (in order to increase the competition).
  3. Overtime duration: 2 minutes
  4. Shot clock duration: 12 seconds
  5. First team to score 21 points or more wins the match.
  6. There is no player fouling limit whereas there is a team fouling limit.
  7. No additional foul limit for overtime
  8. A team is in a penalty situation after it has committed 6 fouls.
  9. Fouls during the act of shooting inside the arc shall be awarded 1 free throw, whilst fouls during the act of shooting behind the arc shall be awarded 2 free throws.
  10. Awards
    1. League Winner Trophy
    2. MVP Trophy
    3. Gold & Silver medals
    4. Spirit Award
    5. Standout Coach Award
  11. New Player Addition Deadline: 14 January 2024

2. School's League Administrations and Fixtures

  1. The schedule will be set within the 2 rounds. Each stage has a time frame to be completed within.
  2. Managers will have access to AllOfficials website which will have the details of the games and officials. This gives the managers the ability to have officials details and to change any details four (4) days before the game.
  3. Failure to arrive or cancelling the fixture without two (2) weeks notice given to the opposition, league commissioners, and referees will result in a 20-0 victory for the non-offending side. Unless both parties agree to reschedule the game with consent of the league commissioners, with the home team having the upper hand on the rescheduling terms. LBA will take up any disputed decisions and the decision will be final.
  4. Players to complete feedback of surveys during the season.
  5. To register additional players an email must be sent to [email protected] stating this and the player must complete the player consent form.
  6. Teams must have at least one qualified referee for all leagues, as well as one qualified table official who knows how to operate the digital scoresheet.

3. School's League Structure

  1. Failure to comply with league rules could lead to point deductions and other reprimands for the offending team(s).
  2. All organisations involved are to be covered by their own insurance, LBA affiliates/sponsors are not liable for accidents and injuries.
  3. By entering the league, you hereby agree to these terms and conditions.

4. school's League Reprimands

  1. Reprimand can occur when for a team is a “no show” which can lead to points being deducted.
  2. Reprimand can occur when a team arrives to the venue before the booking starts (do not arrive too early). Recommended arrival time is 45 minutes before tip-off.
  3. Reprimand can occur when a team makes any late payment.
  4. Reprimand can occur when a selected candidate(s) for course(s) does not show.
  5. Reprimand can occur when grief is given to officials. This is in line with our initiative to raise the profile of officials.
  6. Teams are responsible for their supporters/fans. Any issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Young hooper's league rules *

1. Games are 32 Minutes in length, consisting of 4, 8 minute quarters
2. Timeout duration: 1 Minute
Quarter time break: 2 Minutes
3. Half time break: 5 Minutes
4. 2 time outs per team per half
5. No added time outs during overtime
6. Coaches should ensure equal playing time for all players (Self monitored)

1. If a team can field only 4 players, games will be played 4 v 4
2. If a team cannot field 4 players the teams will play a “friendly” for the entire game
3. If forfeit situation occurs before the game, score will be 10-0
4. If forfeit situation occurs during the game and forfeiting team is losing, score will be whatever the score is at the time (if forfeiting team is winning, score will be 10-0)

1. Shorts and Team shirts must be worn
2. All jewellery must be removed
3. Only athletic (gym) shoes to be worn

1. FIBA scoring applies for all age categories

2. 3 points for a win and 1 for a loss

1. Players foul out on 6th foul, including any overtime
2. Team penalty situation once 5 fouls have been committed

1. 5-minute overtime period will be played
2. If still tied, 5 penalty shots by 5 different players
3. If still tied, sudden death penalty shots

1. Enforced at refs discretion for younger age groups

1. 8 second rule for advancement form backcourt (refs may apply loosely with younger age groups)
Backcourt rule applies

1. All violations result in turnover

1. All violations result in turnover

1. Coaches should facilitate quick substitutions and line up switches

1. Coaches must remain in their half of the court
2. Coaches must not go onto the court (except in the case of an injury)


1. Parents and supporters must behave appropriately
2. Harassment of referees will receive one-time warning
3. Following infractions will result in match bans, followed by league ban

These Rules are subject to change as were still in the planning stages