Greenhouse School Leagues

LBA are happy to be supporting Greenhouse School League, 2022/23 season

LBA is committed to having a highly organised and viable league and we believe this is one of many ways to Bring prosperity through the sport of basketball. LBA and Greenhouse have taken many factors into consideration when completing the schedule.

General Info

The schools are split into 4 areas: South 1, South 2, East, and North West clusters. You will play each school once. The top team from each division will go onto play in a semi final and final April 2023.

  • The competitions will run from November to April.
  • There will be U14 leagues for both boys and girls. Each age group will be made up of 1 – 2 Divisions where possible.
  • Basketball officials set up information: It is important to note that the school who is hosting will have to provide a minimum of 1 referee and table official.

Season Format

  • Round 1 is Round Robin where you play everyone in your pool once. This has to be completed by February Half Term.
  • Round 2 is Seeded Playoffs where the top 4 teams will advance to the semi-final and then the finals. This is to be completed by Easter Holidays.

The round robin stage will run from 1st November 22 – 3rd March 2023. Games can be scheduled on any weekday between these dates.

  • Officiating – How the officials will work this season – LBA will appoint 1 referee once you confirm the game and you are to field the second referee  & the table officials from your school/community. You can hire from LBA or AllOfficials for an extra cost. You can find out LBA fees here. Table officials are to be arranged by the home team.
  • Digital scoresheet – This will come into play on January 2023. Meanwhile, we use paper scoresheets until then. From January we will be fully digital! No more paper scoresheets, no need to send in scores after games and live stats are available to your community, see below for more info.
    • Download INGAME: Google Play, App Store
    • This 10 minute YouTube video in which team managers and table officials must be good on so they can ensure their table officials are good on. It’s actually super simple!!! Please note that you will need a phone or tablet.
  • LBA Media Crew – The LBA will come to your game to capture highlights and post content to our social media. Please do ask and someone will comfirm if we can be there. The young people love this. 
  • Ambassadors – We are working with schools to have 3 students to become LBA Media Crew Ambassadors, who we will qualify to become a Media Crew, they will be entered into competition to win opportunities (including paid) for high profile events, with one of our partners such as Nike Jordan brand and London Lions.
  • Please ask your players who has not submitted their data to us (including the players that join in the during the season) to fill out this form at least 1 week before playing.
  • Data entered here will be used for the digital scoresheet INGAME and live stats mobile app SWISH, both provided by NBN23. This will give live stats, that the community love!
Download the SWISH app to keep track of the Greenhouse Sports League fixtures, standings, and for live stats for your team and players!

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