Company Team Building Event - LBA | Basketball
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What do an office and a basketball court have in common?

At work communication is key. Workers need to properly express thoughts and ideas to create a successful environment. A basketball court is no different. Players need to work together in order to play well and win. All players need to talk and be on the same page in order to accomplish the goal.

LBA now offer company team building events. Contact us if you want to organise a fun day of exercise, team building and basketball! The LBA will coordinate a time and place that works best with your needs.


LBA team building events are a great opportunity for employees to have a fun outing and a break from work.

Employees will participate in a variety of basketball oriented challenges and games, as individuals and teams.
From dribbling, relay races to free throw shooting contests, there will be events to suit everybody!

Contact us now for a company team building event that means a fun day out of the office and on the court!