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That’s what I thought! Well, you can. Get qualified and start earning up to £20 per hour or up to £100+ a day* with the LBA. The LBA will mentor and support you throughout the process and help you find paid work opportunities.

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our programmes

The LBA has designed a program to help you become a Coach and start earning income within 1-3 months. This exciting initiative is made possible with the funding and support from some awesome organisations, like, Michael Jordan Brand, Black Prince Trust, to name a couple. 


Getting this certification can help you get onto the court and make money quickly and easily and pays £20 an hour on average via AllOfficials.

Lba scholarship programme

Our scholarship program offers an exclusive chance for students to train alongside seasoned basketball professionals, honing their skills on the court while fostering academic excellence. This scholarship programme is free to access, designed to empower talented individuals and enrich our community through the spirit of basketball. Take your first step towards a brighter future, where passion meets opportunity with the LBA.