LBA College League Champions 2015

City of Westminster College

Undisputed Undefeated Champions


That’s right! Some would say they did it with ease but, the truth of the matter is, the undefeated league win has been years in the making at City of Westminster College (CWC).
New state of the art facilities, dedicated staff consistently developing the Basketball program, mixed with students hungry to play the game, eventually culminated in an undefeated 2014/15 season. Previous seasons have seen the CWC team become accustomed to finishing mid-table or being eliminated in the play-off matches – but this season was different. From the start of the season CWC had a deep bench with many returning players making a huge difference.  The players this season knew the coaches expectations and were led by Team Captain Jamal ‘Sanchez’ Simpson setting a high standard,with the rest of the team duly stepping up. CWC had a bigger following this year and this was partly down to the community playing an active role in testing the College team to the max – with ex-students, students from different colleges and baller’s from the community being involved in scrimmage sessions and being invited to Team training sessions.  The basketball provision at City of Westminster College is inclusive, aiming to make every player feel apart of the program, developing and coaching the sport to raise the overall playing standard.


This season CWC’s defense was “tuned up” and its offence was manifested from playing good ‘D’. Coach Lindon Wallace is very defensively minded and if you have not seen their pre-game ritual be sure to check out this clip, it will remind you of the Haka  a traditional ancestral war cry/dance, which the Maori people of New Zealand perform and made famous by the New Zealand Rugby Union Team (the All Blacks”). This customary warm-up technique obviously played its part as CWC triumphed to an impressive undefeated record, which is an LBA first and something that is not expected to be achieved again for some time.
The 2015/16 season LBA league sees a new structure and some exciting new changes, with the formation of two divisions separated into an upper and lower tier, making every game much more relevant and competitive. CWC has been one of the most engaging teams in the LBA, with the majority of their squad and community players having attended a number of LBA promoted and delivered sessions such as the Holiday Activities, Open scrimmage,London Rec Basketball Open session and the Ranked Scrimmage. This is something we encourage all the players to do, as you gain more experience, make new connections and build your reputation.


So what can we expect next from CWC? LBA recommend that players looking for a College next academic year (September) should consider City of Westminster College as a place of study and a hub for playing basketball. Don’t think you can just turn up and play without doing the hard graft though, as we know CWC have some very strict rules about achieving academically, with punctuality and attendance being essential if you want to be allowed to be a part of the basketball program.
LBA would like to recognize all the team players and applaud them for their camaraderie, good sportsmanship and of course becoming Champions of the LBA College League season  2014/15:


Emmanuel AbimbolaIMG_5900

Jamal Simpson

Tamba Lebbie

Hamad Choudhary

Joey Rivera

Cecil De Sousa

Ismael Kone

Kyle Ritchie-Williams

Herbert Tavares

Courage Igbinomwanhia

cwcNico Villa

Sam Safi


Sabor Abdullah

Montinel Sammy

Adamai Zenguly

 Head Coach- Lindon Wallace

Team Manager- Tom Rough


Find more footage from throughout the season below:

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[youtube] https://youtu.be/vYKTvHOMFGw[/youtube]