An Emotional and Inspiring Experience: Our Journey to the Charity Film Awards 2020

In our latest blog post, London Basketball Association’s through the journey, saw our charity invited to participate in the upcoming Charity Film Awards by submitting a short film to their panel of judges.

“We are so thankful, that words can’t even describe it.”

– Tony Lazare, Founder of LBA

In January, London Basketball Association (LBA), received an invitation to complete an expression of interest form, with the aim of being selected to have a plush film made for the charity. LBA saw this as a great opportunity to create a professional video, encapsulating what we do. Without a second thought, we were signed up within 20 minutes of receiving the invitation.

After receiving a confirmation of acceptance, we embarked on a 6-month journey with the outcome of producing a film which would do three things. First, let the viewer know how they can get involved with the charity, second, to create general awareness of what we do and who we are, and lastly, showcase to funders how super relevant we are in society, so they can get behind the charity.

Through three training courses and with the help of professional directors, Media Trust, who supported all 10 selected charities; the journey began with a variety of unique challenges. Julia, LBA’s sensational lead marketing volunteer, who was leading the process with founder Tony, had to step out of the charity for personal reasons, not only that, our assigned director, received bad news forcing him to also pull out the process. This ultimately left strain on the LBA and Media Trust to focus on the goal, which was to make good on our commitment!

Luckily superwoman, Daisy, from Media Trust found a new director called Mat Sunderland jumped right in coordinating with the LBA’s team to nail the film within 2 months. We were back on track!

The first training day was exemplary. It focussed on digital marketing and social media. Andrew Davis, the tutor, provided a list of 450 tools (most of which are free) to help the LBA to become more efficient in marketing.

Afterwards, LBA’s marketing team gathered and came up with a plan for the process and what it would involve, as well as the expectations and the main message.

Everybody we approached said they’d love to be a part of the film. LBA scheduled two days for shooting, in four different locations across London. Mat, the director, captured some great footage and was super supportive. The end result is sensational! Mat was very into the process and went above and beyond to not only finalise it, but leave us with an archive of all the footage and make special versions. “We are so thankful, that the words can’t even describe it.” said the founder of the LBA, Tony Lazare.

Following the shoot, the LBA attended the final training course, which focussed on distribution. We were able to meet high-level, experienced film industry professionals who helped devise a successful distribution plan. If you’re reading this it must have turned out well!

The final step of the 6 months journey; The film Screening, was on the 12th of September at the Curzon Cinema in Soho. The marketing team from the LBA attended the event. All 10 videos from the various applicants, each between two to three minutes, were shown on the big screen in a cinema setting complete with popcorn.

The event was amazing as a whole. It was great to see the project come together. It was an emotional experience, some of the other entries were very inspiring. Some films left viewers in tears, whilst other films brought warm smiles to faces. After watching all the videos, all the charities were able to network with each other with some drinks and snacks.

The LBA are in the running for the Charity Film Awards 2020 and would like everybody who is involved in basketball and who loves their community, to vote for us. Please vote for us by clicking the ‘Vote Portal’ button below. This will open LBA’s entry in the Charity Film Awards website so click the ‘Vote’ button and register using your email address.

This will be a big deal for the sport of basketball and will help the LBA make a difference!

Official Trailers

Here are three trailers released to build up the release of our short film entry to the Charity Film Awards 2020. You would have already seen these if you followed us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Melita Emanuel-Carr

24, won a silver medal on her Team England debut in 2018 Commonwealth Games


Basketball player from West London


Westminster Academy secondary school student


Everyone in the LBA would like to thank:

Daisy, Wendy, and the rest of the Media Trust
Film Producer

John Lyon’s Charity

Mat Sunderland and Connor, Sunipa Pictures
Film Director and Assistant

London Basketball Association
who always manages to deliver quality work while making it easy for everyone involved!