Change 24 Lives for Aspiring Young People

This Summer, the London Basketball Association are planning on taking a selected group of 24 young people, ages 15-19, 12 guys and 12 girls, to Atlanta, Georgia to participate in the All Hearts Athletics Stay and Play camp. The camp will be two weeks long and is starting on July 4th. The selected kids will partake in team building, basketball skills training, basketball team practice, and basketball games each weekend for AAU. The prestigious basketball camp also teaches the importance of education and instils life skills in the participants. This is a fantastic opportunity as the training camp has a track record of giving students the opportunity to get basketball scholarships at colleges in the United States.
The two-week camp will:
  1. Teach fundamentals of basketball & teamwork
  2. Teach the importance of education & networking
  3. Instil life skills in the participants
  4. Provide the opportunity to travel
  5. Give young players a real chance to get scouted overseas!
The camp itself has been going on for well over a decade, and hundreds of players have benefitted from it either one way or another. Whether that was earning a college scholarship, learning crucial life skills, meeting experienced coaches and trainers, developing new friendships, building confidence through travel and sport, or simply opening their eyes to a new culture, this camp is a comprehensive experience for the players.
Most of these players have never had the opportunity to explore other countries, so this will be an eye-opening experience that will help them mature as individuals, as well as basketball players. Players will get the chance to meet face to face with US basketball coaches and make an impression. In the past, 17 players were recognised for their outstanding talents, and were awarded scholarships to full-time education, changing their lives forever.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and an entirely life changing experience for these young players.

A Word From Our Managing Director, Sarah:

“I have attended the All-Heart AAU camp since 2010, and have seen the major impact that it has on the kids who attend. Since I started working at the camp, 17 players have gotten scholarships to play in college, and I have seen these kids’ lives change before my eyes.”

A Word from Former Camp Attendee, Amare:

“This camp was one of my favourite experiences of my life. I met countless like-minded, hardworking individuals who I became friends with, and I improved as a basketball player at the same time. I was able to meet so many amazing coaches and trainers who saw my strengths and weaknesses, and who were able to make me a much better player. On top of that, the two weeks were full of immense fun, and this was an experience like no other that I will surely never forget. This was all possible through the LBA, and I am forever grateful!”
We at the LBA have already started fundraising for this trip as the ultimate goal is to reach around £50,000 which would essentially pay for the players to participate. On February 19th we had our first fundraising event, Glow in the Dark Basketball, in which we were able to raise money and have a lot of fun doing it!
We have a lot more upcoming fundraising projects that we are working on that include a trivia night. This will be hosted at the Carlton Tavern and is sure to be a fun night where you can test your knowledge with friends. Raffles and auctions will take place as well where you will have the opportunity to win some great prizes such as custom LBA merch, food vouchers, and more! We are also planning on potentially hosting a big 3v3 tournament and more bake sales, including one happening at our head office, The Granville, so stay up to date with LBA social media so you don’t miss out on these events! Come have fun with us while at the same time help us raise money for a special cause!
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