Celebrating Community Champions: LBA Awards Jack Petchey Heroes

Community work, talent, hard work, and dedication are qualities that deserve recognition, especially when they come from young individuals who are making a positive impact.
The London Basketball Association (LBA), along with the Jack Petchey Foundation, celebrated the accomplishments of three remarkable young people — Suyi, Lukas, and Abiel — who have been awarded the Jack Petchey Achievement Award for their outstanding contributions to the community.
They have not only demonstrated their commitment but have also showcased the transformative power of the LBA in their lives.
Their achievements highlight LBA’s role in fostering confidence and providing opportunities for personal growth. Moreover, the award will further strengthen LBA, as each recipient will receive £300 to shape our youth programmes, reaffirming the charity’s commitment to youth voice.
We recognise the value of our communities’ contributions to ensure LBA programmes are in line with their needs.

Our winners


Lukas has demonstrated exceptional dedication, consistently striving to improve his abilities both on and off the court. Through his hard work and determination, he has achieved personal success and the Jack Petchey Achievement Award acknowledges Lukas’ outstanding achievements and his commitment to personal growth.
Lukas Cato (left) - Social Engagement Officer with Lukas (right) - Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winner


Abiel’s story is an illustration of the life-changing impact that the LBA programmes have on young people. Through discovering solace and purpose via basketball, Abiel’s dedication to basketball, combined with the support and encouragement from the LBA coaches, has been a positive impact on his development as a person.
Lukas Cato (left) with Abiel (right) - Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winner


Suyi, who has been consistently attending our weekly sessions at the Black Prince Trust, has shown immense commitment and leads by example. This has positively impacted the weekly session as young people gravitate towards his leadership and are able to be inspired. Suyi’s growth is a testament to the environment the LBA fosters.
Suyi is an example of our fantastic partnerships with the Black Prince Trust, via the trust we are able to deliver LBA sessions in Lambeth, further expanding our reach to young people in boroughs that otherwise would not be possible.
Suyi - Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winner
The London Basketball Association goes beyond basketball. It serves as a catalyst for positive change, empowering young individuals to realise their full potential.
The LBA offers a platform for personal growth, skill and employability development through its various programs. It creates opportunities for young people to build confidence, enhance leadership abilities, and foster valuable relationships.
A special thanks to the Jack Petchey Foundation for enabling us to recognise and celebrate these young people with this award. Suyi, Lukas, and Abiel’s recognition through this award is a testament to their outstanding contributions and the transformative influence of the London Basketball Association.
The £300 prize awarded to each recipient will not only acknowledge their efforts but also support the continued growth and improvement of the LBA. The investment, which will be at the discretion of the young people, will no doubt improve and benefit the sessions for our beneficiaries.