Calling all Mozart Baller’s


 LBA are sending out professional coaches to Jubilee Sport Center “outdoor basketball courts”!

Coaches attend a 2 hours session once a week (Saturday’s 15:00 to 17:00) , for at least weeks 3 in a row to engage and empower the locals. By the time the project is finished, locals will have knowledge to organise their own fun & games! Coaches attend with a big bag of equipment used to develop basketball skills, work on speed and agility, strength and conditioning. Sessions have been known to become a great place for “Scrimmaging” (just playing games). This is so much fun and coaches tailor each session to the needs of the participants. Also coaches provide information on how to continue playing and linking local clubs for example.

“Real Experience”

Opportunities to get involved volunteering or paid roles. LBA want help running the “StreetBall” project and it is ideal to recruit people from within the local area and have them involved in raising aspirations for themselves and others.

“Enhancing the Sports Culture”

Even if you don’t want to play you are welcome to come down to watch, play music & chill-out. LBA coaches create a safe environment and who knows, one day you may take the leap and join in…


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This project is about introducing sport at your door step, engaging new participants at a local level and involving locals in playing or supporting the sessions. Two objectives are to expose opportunities for healthier lifestyles and educate people, this project achieves both plus it evolves around areas where crime rates are high and postcode barriers exist. Our impact here will help tackle these issues.

Other outcomes consist of…

  • Healthier habits
  • Improved confidence
  • Excitement about life
  • Making friends
  • Enhancing sporting culture