What is BOOST?

BOOST (Basketball for Outstanding Opportunities, Skills and Training) combines three of LBA’s core activities to achieve maximum impact on disadvantaged young people.
These three activities are:
  1. Basketball: We deliver Basketball, whether it is weekly sessions or holiday camps, across London to help previously disengaged young people stay active and improve overall well-being. Since 2012, we continue to use Basketball as a hook to get beneficiaries engaged in our other two BOOST activities.
  2. Qualifications: Qualification opportunities incl. Level 1 & 2 ROC (Referee, Table Official & Coach), Media Crew and Duty of Care. To date, we have qualified over 900 young people and provide them with paid opportunities with us and our partners.
  3. Volunteering: Whether at events or in the office, LBA provides an excellent volunteering experience for over 100 young people of all educational levels each year. Marketing, HR and IT are some of the departments that volunteers can get involved in, and there is always the option of role-rotation for those who wish to explore more than one field.
Mentoring is at the heart of BOOST — whether in the basketball court, classroom or at the office. BOOST ensures that young people are constantly surrounded with positive mentors and role models who provide support, encouragement and knowledge.
By engaging young people in sports, education and employment, BOOST benefits users in the short and long-term by giving them a comprehensive experience in several fields. To us, success is when beneficiaries engage in all three activities that make up BOOST, helping them prosper in their chosen career path.


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