Media Crew

Interested in both sport and the arts? Looking to go into sports media? Here at the LBA, we want to engage with as many members of our community as possible through sport, however, there are often times when that goes beyond just physical play. We want to encourage and facilitate a space where all aspects of basketball are explorable & celebrated, including sports media.

As we grow, we will need more individuals to come and work with us through our variety of media opportunities to provide coverage and showcase all the awesome events and activities. This avenue provides a segue into the ins and out of sports media, with the hopes of engaging London’s youth even more expansively.

Get Certified

To make this possible, LBA have a direct approach of certifying individuals via the AllOfficials Learn platform, giving them a process to adopt in the real world.  Plus connecting with LBA event but (not limited to), where they can excersize their certificate at basketball events. For example LBA School Competitions, where each school will have to nominated at lease 3 young people to become the LBA Media Crew, as they attend all of games capturing the great content.

This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to:

  • For LBA programmes, LBA kit is awarded to individuals that become “LBA Media Crew”
  • Gain practical experience recording and photographing live sports as well as performing interviews
  • Options to get paid opportunities
  • Improve employability
  • Possibly that work will contribute towards students coursework assignments
This role will require:
  • Filming and photographing basketball related events
  • Performing and recording interviews
  • Post-production editing


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At the LBA, we have partnerships and collaborations with organizations all across London to provide the most empowering and enriching experiences for all our members. In being a part of our media crew, we look forward to offering you more opportunities through and in collaboration with these organizations.
  1. BOOST
  2. London Youth Games
  3. Media Trust
  4. London Lions
  5. Toastmasters
  6. Basketball Clubs
  7. Youth Clubs
  8. Schools
  9. and many more!