Digital Basketball Certification Courses

The LBA is offering FREE access to 5 accredited courses for a limited time only. These 5 courses would normally cost over £200.00 for each participant. We have a variety of courses available for each school, youth club and sports affiliated organisation in your borough
The courses available are as follows:
Refereeing is a great way to get involved in a different aspect of basketball, keep active and earn money. Not to mention that referees get to watch the game from the best place….on the court!

This course provides an introduction to basketball and is aimed at beginners. The goal of the course is to encourage the basketball enthusiast to get onto a basketball court and ‘blow a whistle’. This 4-hour course gives insight into the basic mechanics of refereeing and the violations and fouls that need to be administered. A Level 1 referee is qualified to officiate at school matches, youth local leagues and at recreational level. There are no entry requirements.
You don’t have to run up and down the courtside become an official in basketball! A table official’s job is to keep score of the game from the sidelines. Once qualified, participants will know how to use a score sheet – which keeps track of personal fouls, team fouls, timeouts and, most importantly, the score! A table official is also required to keep time, which normally involves operating the use of an electronic scoreboard and shot clock.

This course is an introduction to basketball and is aimed at beginners. This 2-hour course gives an insight into the basic responsibilities of a table official, from timekeeping to keeping track of fouls during a basketball game. A Level 1 table official is qualified to officiate at school matches, youth local leagues and at recreational level.
The Media Crew course is a brand new initiative from the LBA to create a talent pool of media personnel. Participants will be educated on how to:

  • film, photograph and record live sports,
  • perform interviews,
  • edit content & do post-production
  • follow key principles of social media & sports marketing.

Once the LBA’s usual leagues are back up and running, newly qualified participants will be able to put what they have learnt from this course into practice, working alongside the LBA staff to cover their games.
Our Table Official course provides all the essentials of how to use a score sheet, and we would definitely advise completing it before moving on to this course if you are a beginner.

More recently, the LBA have teamed up with NBN23 to offer this course which equips officials with the skillset to use NBN23’s new digital scorecard platform (INGAME). In an increasingly digital world, there is no reason why sports officiating should be left behind. Using the app not only allows you to officiate a game, but collect valuable tournament data and game stats. Equipped with this highly accurate information, teams and players can go away and analyse their game – this analysis can then be put to good use to improve their game plan and tactics.

This course will teach you how to properly capture every play of a basketball game using the INGAME App. Once you have successfully completed the course you will become certified INGAME scorekeeper. Say goodbye to pen and paper!

* Included with the Table Official Level 1 course
Today’s basketball has become more dynamic than ever before! The game is changing rapidly, so do the rules of it. Stay up to date and learn them now!

New FIBA Rules is a refresher course aimed at qualified officials looking to keep updated on the progress of the sport’s rules. While it is not mandatory to be a qualified official it is highly encouraged. This course gives insight into important developments, such as shooting fouls and the new “cylinder” concept central to many basketball movements.

* Included with the Referee Level 1 course
If you have already completed Referee Level 1 or Table Official Level 1, and want to learn how you can get further certified, please visit our certification courses page.
Becoming certified will:
  • Help you build your CV or résumé for future employment opportunities
  • Allow you to be paid for being a referee or table official
We are also excited to offer a new course which will educate those wanting to become a Media Crew Member. This course complements the work of those who are studying Photography, Media, Marketing or Film.
These courses are open to anyone within an organization. This includes, but is not limited to, teachers, parents and students. Please note – you can take up as many places as you like. All courses will need to be completed by 30 April 2021 by each participant, otherwise you will be charged the standard rate of each incomplete course.
Courses can be completed online at any time. If there are conflicts in regard to completion of the courses, the LBA may provide a tutor (cost: £80.00 per course session) to better facilitate the learning process if required. Once certified, individuals may visit AllOfficials. Here, certified individuals can find volunteer opportunities and paid roles.
The Referee, Table Official and Media Crew courses are all hosted by AllOfficials Learn and are independently accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development), and insured by Hiscox. The Basic & Advanced Digital Scoresheet is hosted by NBN23. Please note, to undertake in these courses participants must be at least 14 years old. There is no maximum age limit.
The LBA strives to promote youth engagement in the game of basketball. The LBA is here to support your organisation and those who want to participate. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email at [email protected]
If you are interested in joining for our program, click the “SIGN UP” button below and complete the form.