Basketball for Adults
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Basketball for Adults

Basketball for Adults

This project is designed to get people back into the game of basketball and introduce new people into taking part. For many of us in the UK once we leave school, commitment levels change, work being the main culprit. Here you have the ideal place to stay active and socialise in an organised environment. This project has the outcomes of tackling obesity, improving well-being, plus it’s a platform to develop official’s through volunteering. Here are three outlets which happen throughout the year and you’re welcome to join all:

Social Leagues

 A league for male’s and a league for female’s, where 6-8 teams will play regular competition over the course of 8 weeks, at the same venue on the same night. We provide 2 certified referees and a host at every game. click here for info on the latest round.

Open SessionsOpen Session, where no training is involved just GAMES! A mixed session for males and females which generally last 2 hours each. Check out session in Central London

Regular EventsThis ranges from training sessions, to social gatherings based on demand. To show interest please email lrb@ with what your ideas and we will get back to you.