All-New Basketball Coaches Accreditations

1000 new coaches with 75% accessing work within three months

Calling All Potential and Future Basketball Coaches

Why did the London Basketball Association & AllOfficials link up with some of the world’s most renowned basketball entities— including  FIBA, USA basketball, Basketball England, Canada Basketball and prolific YouTubers —  to create a modernised accreditation course to become a basketball coach?
Essentially, there is a lack of ROCs (Referees, table Officials and Coaches) in society and it has been a challenge to bring in more to the industry, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. The LBA wants to introduce more ROCs to the community by offering various opportunities to these people through fun and engaging courses.
These courses are modernised through the ability to learn the information online. What makes this opportunity unique is that candidates have the opportunity to connect with local sports organizations that have certified basketball coaches. This allows them to shadow experienced coaches during their placement and learn valuable information. The process will make becoming an accredited basketball coach more viable than ever, as travel costs will be cut down due to more local locations and through the use of technology. It’s the first time an individual can get accredited. In the past, groups of eight to 16 people were usually required to sign up, but this has changed. Now, candidates are able to sign up individually whenever they want!

Currently, we have a waiting list of over 350 people. These people will gain first access to our soft launch before it opens up to the public. If you would like to gain access to the pre-public launch, click here to register your interest. Please note this will close once we reach 500 people.

Are you considering becoming a coach? Well, the pre-launch has some special offers that will include: a whistle, DBS check, duty of care courses such as child protection, first aid and safeguarding to name a few. Attire such as t-shirts and long sleeve shirts will be available too!
These courses are independently verified by the world-renowned CPD and are also insured by Hiscox, one of the largest insurance companies in the UK.

Candidate Eligibility

Candidates should meet the following criteria:
  • be at least 14 years of age for Level 1 courses
  • be at least 18 years of age for Level 2 courses

Discussion with Nike & Jordan Brand

Nike and Jordan Brand believe that coaches are the second most important factor in sports, with facilities claiming the number one spot. They understand the power of coaches and the influence they have on individuals’ lives and society as a whole. The Jordan Brand already has 125 spots allocated to them on a waiting list within their local London partners such as the Black Prince Trust. The Black Prince Trust, essentially the mecca of basketball in London, making it a huge part of the basketball community in the UK.
Unlike many other basketball courts around the area, the two courts (Nike Regal Court and Jordan Court) at BPT only feature basketball lines. This might not seem like a big deal, but it shows that the facility is fully committed to basketball. The Black Prince Trust also has partnerships with many different entities, including the London Basketball Association, Love Basketball Academy, Brixton Topcats, and Kennington Generals — proving it is the spot to be in London.
This is a part of an initiative to get more representation of coaches into the game, such as females and the LGBTQAI+ community for example. These individuals are a part of the new framework that is aimed to develop ROCs at the grassroots level called ROC – Basketball Development Environment (BDE). In turn, the people involved will become certified, receive voluntary experience, and have the opportunity to connect to the AllOfficials online platform to search for paid opportunities from the wider community.

Case study

Sweden recently conducted a project to become more prominent in international football by  qualifying a large number of people in the nation to become a football coach. What happened next was remarkable. The nation became better informed about football, which helped the team rise up the international ranks and develop young stars for the future. Sweden qualified for the most recent World Cup in 2018 for the first time in 12 years. The team had a quality performance, as they won their pool over defending champs Germany and advanced all the way to the quarterfinals. Football is on the rise in Sweden, and the surplus of coaches is a large reason why. We aim to replicate this success in the Basketball context by encouraging everyone to become a ROC and Intel to raise the quality and standards of the sport in London and across the UK.

The Future Vision

The feedback from the London community has been overwhelmingly positive, and some common themes have been brought up as well. Many people have said that what we are doing is much needed, as well as others saying they would love to get involved. Some of these people have had trouble getting qualified over the years, but our process makes it much easier for individuals to do so.
Our overall goals are to tackle the shortage of coaches in the London area and raise the standard of coaching.  Our hope is to see people engage with this opportunity from around the world. We are pioneers in the London area and allow people to receive the best possible qualifications. We foresee ourselves working with national governing bodies to help them achieve their goals and objectives as we serve society together. We have common goals with limited resources, which is why it makes sense for us to partner with other organizations to become stronger together. Overall, the community will benefit from these actions.
Our goal in London over the next two years is to qualify  1000 new coaches — with at least 75% accessing work within three months of getting certified. We believe this is achievable through the partnerships in place and the technologies available, namely the AllOfficials platform where the public can access the accreditation to become basketball referees, table officials and coaches. Once qualified, plus find and sign up to paid work from the wider community. It’s great as rates are £20+ per hour on average across a range of roles from coaching kids birthday parties, national league teams, youth club sessions and social events.