Adults Ball Again!

LBA are continuously keeping up with the trends, looking for the next worthy opportunity to get involved with. This time we have adopted something very special which is aimed at adults as it creates a pathway to “Ball Again”! “London Rec Basketball” was founded by Daniel Nixon 2013 and has thrived in the City of Islington with over 500 participants engaged and most playing regular competition on a social basis. Aimed at those who need low commitment, it’s a great way to stay active, meet up with friends or meet new people, plus it’s being designed to be affordable.

Working closely with the founder, rolling out his vision to expand into other areas in London. We hope to get involved with local councils to start the template up in Lewisham, Central and Brent in early 2015. Stay tuned by signing up to the newsletter. Here are the 2 main features.

Open SessionsWhere no training is involved just GAMES! Mixed session for males and females and generally £5 for a 2 hour session of 4v4 half court basketball. Its a great introduction which leads to the:

Social Leagues

 A Male league and a Female league, where 6-8 teams will play regular competition over the course of 8 weeks, at the same venue on the same night. We provide 2 certified referees and a host at every game. click image above for info on the latest round.

Look forward to seeing you ball again!


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