About London Basketball Association

Basketball is the game, social change is the mission.
The London Basketball Association is a registered charity, established in July 2012.
As a charity organisation, our mission is to inspire Londoners to develop a habit of getting involved with the conglomerate of basketball in order to benefit from it on many different levels.
To achieve this, we work to enhance the infrastructure of basketball, making the sport easily accessible to the masses.
We see sport as an integral part of the society, a practice that brings communities together, creates employment and growth opportunities within those communities, as well as helps to maintain the healthy lifestyle.
We recognised the potential for basketball to become a gateway to solving key social issues such as obesity, physical and mental health issues, substance misuse, unemployment, crime and postcode wars.
LBA brings positive social change to the most disadvantaged communities in London through the sport of basketball.

Accolades & Quality Assurance

Among many other awards, we have attained the “Active Westminster Club Mark” and “London Youth Gold Mark”, two prestigious seals of approval for our work within our communities.

Your Views Count

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas please contact us and let us know.

Be The Change!



A persistent man who has a desire to help others through basketball and has done so ever since he left High School in the year 2000. With innovation and entrepreneuship running through his veins, Tony has developed a wide range of skills including policymaking, fundraising, coaching, management and technology. To mention some of his achievements he started his first business in 2007 and is one of the founders of London Greenhouse Pioneers Basketball Club.
Fuse all this together and LBA is born, well equipped and determined to improve people’s lives through basketball, Tony Lazare is making that change. As a young boy he was very sporty and understands the power of sport on an individual’s life.

Favourite quotes: “Talent is very common, disciplined talent is very rare”. “Less is More”.

Lukas Cato

Project Assistant Manager

Lukas fell in love with the game of basketball in secondary school after watching the higher year groups on the court, after seeing this Lukas trained to make his secondary school team. Although he made the team he often found that games would be cancelled on the day or his teachers would have no contact from opponents. As an outsider to British basketball culture, Lukas found it difficult to identify why this was the case.

After graduating from University he undertook an internship with the LBA in the hopes of understanding and developing grassroots basketball. After showing potential, the CEO offered Lukas a job to stay with the LBA. Lukas’ dream is to give British players the easiest route to becoming a professional basketball player and to one day see Team GB win the FIBA World Cup. 

Favourite quote: “What is the point if those with the means and power do not fight?”.

BOARD OF Advisors

Akay Mustafa

Akay holds the Master’s degree in Sports Management from Birkbeck, University of London. Currently, he is the Athletic Director at American School in London and he has worked in education and sport for many years. He believes that his work as an athletic director requires him to be a strategic project manager capable of keeping multiple stakeholders happy. He wishes to bring those skills to the LBA, in order to help shape the strategy needed which will allow the group to continue to progress. Steve Nash is Akay’s favorite basketball player, He likes him because…” he had an incredible vision but most importantly he was a brave player. To summarize he just made things happen in ways you didn’t think were possible.”

Tony Windless

An American retired professional basketball player with a notable career stretching over a decade in the British Basketball League. He also played professionally in France for 4 seasons. From Memphis, Tennessee, United States, Windless studied at Cowley County Community College and played small forward position. Tony won every team trophy possible and has conquered almost everything he has encountered in his career. There aren’t too many opponents who can say they’ve bettered the boy from Tennessee. One of his ex-teams Leicester Riders posed the question in an article “So what now for the man who has lived and breathed basketball ever since he was 7 years old?” A shift to developing the sport of basketball, he has been coaching for a long time now even still during his playing days. But now at LBA he will be able to affect more people by bringing the experience and knowledge of the industry and leading by example to help guide the company in the best direction for the greater good of all.

Ron Mushiso

A well-rounded individual with over 10 years of experience in coaching. He is extremely passionate about sport and takes an initiative to bring about positive change to the community. He is a graduate from St. Mary’s University College, Surrey. Ron is an athletic man who teaches P.E. at St. Benedict’s School and is appointed head coach at Old Emmanuel Rugby club. Furthermore, he is a councillor for Turnham Green, representing the conservatives. He strongly believes in the importance of the community supporting in adversity. Ron advocates for youth services funding and healthy lifestyle choices. He aims to provide the best opportunities and results for our students. One quote he concurs with is ‘in order to achieve positive results one must work for them, not just hope for them.’ Ron believes in resilience, dedication and discipline.


Active Westminster Awards 2021

Change4Life Award – Shortlisted Finalist

This award recognises projects which have made a difference to children, young people (under 18) or families health and wellbeing through physical activity.


OneYou Westminster Award – Shortlisted Finalist

This award recognises projects which have made a difference to adults’ health and wellbeing through physical activity, leading to making long-term improvements to their lifestyle.


Rewarding & Celebrating Diversity Award – Shortlisted Finalist

This award recognises individuals, clubs, projects, and facilities that create and deliver diversity and equality activities for Westminster’s diverse communities and demographics.

London Sport Awards

The celebration of the best of physical activity and sport in London.
We did not win it, but we were recognised as the Club of the Year without Honourable Mention in 2018.

London Youth Awards

Supporting and challenging young people to become the best they can be through hundreds of diverse community youth organisations and two residential centres.
Community Champion 2018 awarded to Tony Lazare recognising 10 years of outstanding dedication and commitment to voluntary youth work in London.

South Kilburn Enterprise Awards 2017

South Kilburn Trust’s first-ever Enterprise Awards took place on the 28th February 2017 at South Kilburn Studios.
The event celebrated the success of business and enterprise in South Kilburn, rounding off a month-long programme of business-focused events, workshops and activities which took place in South Kilburn as part of Love Business Month.
Entrepreneur of the Year – Tony Lazare
Mayor of Brent Parvez Ahmed and Tony Lazare of London Basketball Association
Innovator – London Basketball Association
Gent and Tony Lazare of London Basketball Association