81 HOURS OF FREE BASKETBALL COURT | Community Consultation 2024

The LBA is proud to announce our Summer 2024 Community Consultation. This is a two-part consultation, the first stage of which is already in progress. The second stage is now accepting applications for one full week of preseason court time. Read below for more details!

Part 1

For the first time in this fashion, The LBA is giving away eight hours of basketball court time in central London summer 2024. We are asking the community for input on what programs they want to see and who they would like to see us work with on this. Any brands and organisations are invited to fill out a form to apply for this time.

The community is the backbone of this organisation, and everything we do is aimed to serve that community however we can. We want to make sure everyone has the chance to share their opinions and ideas and want to put them into practice. We’ve never done a community consultation at The LBA, but this won’t be the last time we do.

For this consultation, the court will be used for eight hours per week on Fridays and Saturdays. The seven week span will begin on the 20th of July and will end on the 31st of August. On average, one hour of basketball court time can cost around £70. That means that over the course of the summer, you could save around £3920!

In the past, The LBA has worked with groups like Simply British Ballers (SBB), Certified Bucket Getterz (CBG), and Sportas for summer court time. We saw potential in brands like SBB early on in their career and we’re ready to help discover who can blow up the basketball world next.

 We’ve done elite scrimmages, summer scrimmages, and some have suggested we do activities and leagues that are female-specific. We are looking to hear your ideas on how we should use this court time!

Part 2

This consultation enables us to not only host a great event, but also to interact and hear from the people we seek to provide for and are here to support. Prices for court time are very expensive, and prices have only been rising, that’s why we are providing an opportunity for local community organisations or brands to put on an event that might not have been possible otherwise. 

If you missed out on applying for part 1 or your brand is not ultimately chosen for this project, don’t worry! Later this summer, during the last week in August, The LBA is seeking to do another community consultation offering a full week of preseason basketball court time. This court time is valued at around £1750  and we are looking to give it away for no cost! We know teams will be gearing up for the upcoming season and will be looking to get some solid practice in, and we want to help them prepare for the season.

In addition to preseason practice, this time could be used for a tournament or other events ahead of the 2024/25 season. We are once again looking to the community to share their ideas with us to make them a reality!

Applications for this time will be open for one month from 11 June to 11 July at noon for any team, brand, or organisation looking for court time. If that’s you, apply using this form.

We at the LBA are very excited to be working with the community on this project, and we look forward to doing more consultations like this in the future!