2023 LBA x Greenhouse School Leagues Finals

On the 12th of July, the LBA collaborated with Greenhouse Sports for the finals of our joint basketball league, hosted at Brampton Manor Academy. Following a great season, 96 boys and girls from across London got the chance to show off their skills and sportsmanship, while trying to bring home some silverware.
The league was planned by the LBA’s Lukas Cato, and executed with the help of a number of LBA interns and volunteers. Greenhouse also came through with their coaches and supervisors. Their knowledge and experience was clear to see throughout the season. Last but not least, the referees from AllOfficials and the volunteer table officials were on the ball from first whistle to last.
Now for a run through of the day…
The atmosphere was electrifying from the start, with a buzz going round the gym when the first game tipped off between Harris Battersea girls and City of London Academy (COLA) girls. Both teams battled for every ball, before Harris Battersea came out on top.
This energy was carried into the next game, as St Paul’s Way boys edged out St Gabriel’s boys in a dramatic 33 – 32 victory. The buckets kept flowing as Brampton Manor’s girls took on Harris Invictus. Both teams competed well and Brampton Manor got the W. Game 4 saw Harris Invictus boys upset Brampton Manor boys on their home turf.
While the games were being played, the LBA’s media and marketing team was hard at work. Asad caught some great shots on the camera, KP was busy filming content for a video that will be coming out soon, Alfie was posting on social media and Lukas was conducting interviews with players and coaches.
Soon it was time for the final.
The girls went first. Brampton Manor vs Harris Battersea.
Harris Battersea started off strong with some high energy on offence and defence. Brampton Manor quickly came back, moving the ball quickly and converting some great looks from three. Both teams competed until the end, but Brampton Manor’s shooting accuracy proved too much for Harris Battersea, and they won the game 24-9!
Then it was the boys turn: St. Paul’s Way vs Harris Invictus.
Both teams came out firing, with some dynamic play from both sides. This game was played at a relentless pace, with the teams going coast to coast and trading shots. The boys kept the level high right until the final whistle, but Harris Invictus had too much for their opponents on the day, and ran out 54 – 44 winners.
Once everyone had recovered from the excitement, the commissioner’s gathered everyone together and handed out trophies and medals. Although Harris Invictus boys and Brampton Manor girls were the only teams to lift the trophies, the sportsmanship and energy shown made everyone a winner!
Lukas Cato shared his thoughts on the day:
This was a great way to end what has been an amazing league. Thanks to Greenhouse Sports for helping to make it possible, and to everyone who took part.
Brampton Manor Girls, 2023 Greenhouse Sports League Champions
Here’s what a representative from Greenhouse had to say:
Events like these are great for bringing people together, while seeing some of the amazing talent we have in our schools.
The season as a whole was a great success, as it allowed the LBA to expand its reach and bring basketball to a whole new group of young people.
Here’s a quick breakdown of the league’s impact:
  • 43 games
  • 23 teams
  • 276 players (43% female)
  • 20+ Referees and Table Officials gained experience
Off the back of the success of this season, the LBA are already in talks about doing it all over again in October 2023. Keep any eye on LBA social media channels for updates!