End Of Season Men’s College Tournament 2019



End of Season Tournament was again a success this year with 16 teams battling it out at the Copper Box Arena. Plenty of prizes were up for grabs with gold medals, Nike hats and T-shirts and also tickets to watch the London Lions vs Cal Poly Mustang available for the winners. We also knowledge the LBA Coach of the Season, Player of the tournament, and Spirit award at the event. LBA was lucky enough to have Andre Lockhart of the London Lions in attendance to give these awards out to the winners.

The event grew again this year with teams from Nottingham and Luton joining and late entries from the London Lions academy team really meant this year was one to be involved in. Online digital scoring allowed players and fans to be able to check out their stats and scores in real-time and a takeover on Instagram gave you some behind the scenes footage of the day.

Defending champions North School were unable to attend this year but will hopefully be back in 2020 but 2018-19 LBA Playoff champions Haringey 6th Form were in attendance and we’re looking to try and claim an LBA double to add to their ABL title which they won earlier in the year.

The day started with a round-robin format where the 16 teams were split into 4 groups with the winners from each group claiming their place into the Semifinals. There were some extremely close contested games, more noticeably the 31 – 28 game between Oakland College and New City College – Hackney which was actually settled in Overtime.

The four teams to win their groups were Oakland School, Norwood School, New City College – Epping Forest, and Haringey. The matchups were Oakland School vs. Norwood School and Haringey vs New City College. Both were intense games, well fought and well played. Haringey started out their game strong, creating a 6 point gap which they expanded throughout the game. Oakland vs. Norwood was shockingly close; it was either tied or within two points up until the final minutes. With every layup and jump shot Oakland scored, Norwood retaliated with their own. Neither team was afraid to get physical, however Norwood’s reliance on physicality ultimately jeopardized their play. Their aggression put them in foul trouble, giving Oakland precious free-throws which pushed the score in their favour. The final score ending 18-13.

The final games of the tournament were Norwood School vs New City College for third place and Haringey vs Oakland School for first place. The games were exciting to watch, with all the teams playing with genuine resolve. Both Norwood School and New City College played very well for their final game. All players fought extremely hard but it was Norwood School that started and ended the game strong. While Oakland put up an impressive fight and challenged Haringey’s defense, they could not snatch the win. The final score of the game was 25-16, with Haringey becoming the champions of the 2019 College Tournament. If you would like to read more about the tournament in detail, please read this article.


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Top left picture: Tournament MVP Ndewedo Newbury, Top right picture: Coach of the Year Lucio,
Bottom left picture: Winners Haringey 6th Form College, Bottom right picture: Second place team Oakland Wolves


All 3 placed teams Norwood college, Oakland College, Haringey 6th Form College
All 3 placed teams Norwood college, Oakland College, Haringey 6th Form College

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We are happy to announce the return of the LBA End of Season College Tournament!

On the 9th July 2019,  London Basketball Association will be playing host to some of the city’s brightest young talent, as they get the chance to compete in a genuine Olympic venue! This year’s tournament will be even bigger and better than previous years, as we welcoming college teams from all over to the Copper Box Arena. The event will of course, be covered by our ever-growing social media team, so bring your crispiest moves and try to keep those ankles in tact!  There will be both, a female tournament and a men’s tournament.

So get ready for a jam-packed day of basketball action. From 10:00 until 17:00, college athletes from all across the country will battle it out to see who will be crowned champions!

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  • Any College or 6th Form can apply to enter, with a fee of £175.
  • Sign up before 22nd February to qualify for our Early Bird Price of £125
  • Members of the LBA College league automatically qualify to enter FREE of charge, but colleges must confirm via email ([email protected]) before the final deadline.
  • Deadline for entry is 13th of June. Any teams pulling out after this deadline will still be charged the full amount.
  • Tournament will take place on 9th July 2019, from 9:00 – 17:00 at the Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 3HB
  • First Come first serve and places are limited

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General Info 

  • LBA recommends each team bring 2 balls & that everyone brings packed lunch and plenty of water although the site has a vending machines
  • Each team need 2 kits or a reversible kit
  • Each team needs it’s own coach


Day Format:

Team Arrival at 9.00am

Round robin group stage followed by play off schedule


We will be following FIBA’s rules where possible. Here is an outline of the rules on the day:

  • 5vs5 format
  • If a game remains tied after the end of regulation, then 2 minutes sudden death overtime will be played. (depending on time constraint this may be changed to a sudden death foul line shot)


Game Format:

  • Games will be 18 minutes long, with no halftime
  • Running Clock. Clock will stop only during the final minute of the game
  • Each team gets 1 x 45 second timeout for each game
  • 9 team fouls to be in the bonus
  • 4 individual player fouls to foul out


Copperbox Arenas has 3 courts available for the tournament so 6 teams can play at the same time


Medals will be awarded for the following:

  • The LBA Tournament Champions 2019
  • The ‘LBA’  Tournament MVP Award
  • The ‘London Youth’ Tournament Standout Coach Award 2019
  • The ‘LBA’ Spirit Award (only one award across both age groups)

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Check out last year’s highlights for an idea of what’s to come in 2019!


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This past March we had the End of Season Tournament. We had a new sponsor for the tournament, Sporch, and they provided the MVP prize for the tournament with a £250 NBA game ball as well as the prize for the team that won the tournament, a set of reversible kits. We also had Brandon Peel from the London Lions as the presenter of the awards. We were unable to get enough teams interested to host a women’s tournament to run parallel with the men’s. We hope to have a women’s tournament next year.

This iteration of the tournament we opened with 12 teams this year with 2 of them coming form outside of London. Defending champs Alec Reed Academy did not participate this year but last year’s runner-up John Ruskin was among the 12 teams and made a spirited run in the tournament. Pool 2 was the most contested as it featured the only undefeated team, North School, and John Ruskin who only dropped 1 game to North School in the their group stage. LBA playoff runner-ups City of Islington College also contested for a top two spot but lost games to Lambeth College and Hammersmith College. Pool 1 featured LBA playoff champ St. Francis Xavier, Harris Academy St. Johns Wood, and North Fleet Tech.

At the end of the Group Stage, Harris Academy St. Johns Wood and North Fleet Tech advanced to the semifinals from Pool 1 while the North School went undefeated in their group stage to claim the top spot in their pool with John Ruskin coming in second. The semifinals saw John Ruskin face off against Harris Academy St. Johns Wood and North School played rival school North Fleet Tech. Harris Academy St. Johns Wood had a fantastic come from behind victory in the dying seconds after getting the initial bucket and the following foul shot to complete the 3 point play and win by 1. North School and North Fleet went back and forth in their rivalry matchup but North School would end up the victors.

In the final it was Harris Academy St. Johns Wood and the North School. Harris Academy played valiantly but North School would come out as victors due to their stunning control and passing. North School maintained a perfect undefeated record on their way to 1st place. Third place was claimed by North Fleet Tech.


For the final awards, North School has claimed 1st place, Harris Academy St. Johns Wood claimed 2nd, and North Fleet Tech got 3rd place. The MVP was claimed by Kai Potts  from the North School after having a stellar tournament filled with highlight reel plays, and Jerome Jack from Harris Academy St. Johns Wood claimed the Coaching Award.

Descending: North School in 1st Place, Harris Academy St. Johns Wood in 2nd Place, North Fleet Tech in 3rd Place, Kai Potts gets the MVP Award and NBA Game Ball, Jerome Jack gets the Coaching Award


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