2017 End of Season College Tournament



Tournament Recap


The Tournament began with the round-robin group stages, which provided a lot of excitement and entertaining basketball! In Pool 1, John Ruskin College and SFX College progressed to the semi-finals after finishing first and second, respectively, due to great team performances and impressive play from their star players.

In Pool 2, Alec Reed Academy dominated their way to first place, amassing a 3-0 record. Quintin Kynaston scrapped their way to a second place finish in this competitive pool with only six players due to some gutsy performances, including a buzzer-beater floater that secured their semi-final spot.

In the semi-final match-ups, John Ruskin College defeated Quintin Kynaston on their march to the finals and Alec Reed Academy dispatched SFX College to meet the only other undefeated team in the final.

In the Final, Alec Reed Academy ran out to a quick lead over John Ruskin College, but in the second half John Ruskin came storming back to close the gap. In the end, their spirited rally was not enough and Alec Reed came away with an undefeated record and the winners of the 2017 LBA College Tournament

As for the individual honours, the London Thunder BC MVP was won by Alec Reed star Afra Khalil due to stellar point guard play and leadership. He was extremely consistent throughout the day in getting his teammates involved as well as scoring plenty for himself. The London Youth Stand Out Coach Award went to Feyi Fowosere of SFX College, who played with great energy and commitment throughout the day – a tribute to Feyi’s coaching. The Spirit Award for the day went to all the Referees and Table Officials. It was a long day, but they carried out their jobs with professionalism and class.

A massive thank you to John Ruskin College, SFX College, Quintin Kynaston, Alec Reed Academy, Stanmore College, City of Westminster College, Ealing & Hammersmith College, and Lambeth College for participated and making the Tournament a success! Additionally, the LBA wants to thank all the sponsors that have collaborated: London Youth, London Thunder Basketball, South Kilburn Trust and GLL.

Check out the video recap and photo album from the day below:



For more photos, click Here


Results and Accolades

Champions: Alec Reed Academy

Runners-up: John Ruskin College

3rd place: Quintin Kynaston

4th place:  SFX College

London Thunder BC MVP Award: Afra Khalil (Alec Reed Academy)

London Youth Stand Out Coach: Feyi Fowosere (SFX College)

Spirit Award: The Referees & Table Officials!


Tournament Introduction 

Sign Up Information

  • Sign up now and take advantage of our early bird offer! £100 before March 31th and £150 afterwards. Sign up is FREE for teams already competing in the LBA league (as long as confirmation is sent via email to [email protected]://thelba.co.uk)!
  • Tournament is open to all 6th Forms and Colleges in the UK!
  • All players must complete the PLAYER CONSENT FORM. Players will not be able to take part if they do not complete this form.
  • TEAM ENTRY FORM. If you are not a part of the league this season, this form must be completed.
  • By entering the league you agree to our rules.
  • There is limited space, so sign up quick!

Tournament Information


General Info:

  • If your team pulls out within 7 days of the date of the tournament your school will be charged a fee of £150.
  • Stay updated and watch the tournament unfold by following us on our social media platforms (at the bottom of the page)


Day Format

  • Date: 27 April 2017
  • 09:00 Arrival at the Copper Box Arena at Olympic Park (E20 3HB)
  • 09:15-09:45 Registration
  • 09:45 Welcome Note
  • 10:00 Round-robin begins
  • TBC The Finals
  • TBC Awards Ceremony
  • TBC The End


The rules for the tournament are simple. We will be following FIBA’s rules where possible. Here is an outline of the rules on the day:

  • All players must have completed the consent form for the league/tournament. This form can be found here –  PLAYER CONSENT FORM
  • Game times TBC (dependent on how many teams are involved)
  • 3 points for a win 0 for a loss
  • Each team has a designated area while not playing, and teams are expected to manage it and keep their belongings in it. The tournament facility has limited areas of use, so please adhere to this.
  • If game remains tied after normal time then, 2 minutes of overtime (1 over time max then first to score)
  • Player will have to exit game after third foul.

Game Format

  • Games will be 24 minutes (12 minute halves) running clock.
  • Stop clock during time outs and in last minute of both halves.
  • One 30-second time out in each half.
  • 5 fouls to be in the bonus per half.
  • 4 fouls for player to foul out.


Medals will be awarded for the following:

  • Tournament Champions 2017
  • The ‘LBA’  Tournament MVP Award
  • The ‘London Youth’ Tournament Standout Coach Award 2016
  • The ‘LBA’ Spirit Award (only one award across both age groups)

Game Schedule

Court A (Pool 1)

Ref # Home Team Away Team Home Score Away Score
#A1 10:00 Stanmore College City of Westminster College  20  42
#A2 John Ruskin College SFX College  36  26
#A3 Stanmore College John Ruskin College  10  25
#A4 SFX College City of Westminster College  22  20
#A5 Stanmore College SFX College  15  34
#A6 City of Westminster College John Ruskin College  55  12
13:30 CALL EM OUT – 1 vs 1 Challenge
#A7 14:00 John Ruskin College (A1)  Quintin Kynaston (B2)  36  18
#A8 14:35 John Ruskin College  Alec Reed Academy  22  26


Court B (Pool 2)

Ref # Home Team Away Team Home Score Away Score
#B1 10:00 Quintin Kynaston Alec Reed Academy  24  43
#B2 Ealing & Hammersmith Lambeth College  22  26
#B3 Quintin Kynaston Ealing & Hammersmith  30  24
#B4 Lambeth College Alec Reed Academy  11  24
#B5 Lambeth College Quintin Kynaston  27  29
#B6 Alec Reed Academy Ealing & Hammersmith  18  17
13:30 CALL EM OUT – 1 vs 1 Challenge (on court A)
#B7 14:00 Alec Reed Academy (B1)  SFX College (A2)  37  22

Pool 1

  • Stanmore College
  • City of Westminster College
  • John Ruskin College
  • SFX College

Pool 2

  • Quintin Kynaston
  • Ealing & Hammersmith
  • Lambeth College
  • Alec Reed Academy

Tournament Standings

Pool 1 Table


Pos. Team Points Wins Losses +/-
1  Stanmore College  0  0  3
2 City of Westminster College  3  1  2
3  John Ruskin College  9  3  0
4  SFX College  6  2  1


Pool 2 Table


Pos. Team Points Wins Losses +/-
1  Quintin Kynaston  6  2  1
2  Ealing & Hammersmith  0  0  3
3  Lambeth College  3  1  2
4  Alec Reed Academy  9  3  0

We would like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors and affiliates!