Students become 'LBA Media Crew' - London Basketball Association
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Students become “LBA Media Crew”

Picture this, all the games that happen, players, want the ‘LBA Media Crew’ to be at their games, taking pictures, filming, conducting interview & live stream the games, which all this cool content then goes on social media.

To make this possible, from this season LBA will be working with the schools in our leagues, as last season ‘LBA Media Crew’ were only at less than 10% of the games, yet the impact was awesome! We hope to at least double it to 20%.

Now the power is in the schools hands, as all they need to do is inform LBA which games they want the ‘LBA Media Crew’, and assign 2/3 students for a particular game, who will be apart of the Crew. LBA will attend with equipment, a team leader, that will guide, brief and inspire!

This is great as LBA have limited in resources and schools have young people that will get to be apart the basketball league, playing a very important role which the whole world can potentially witness. Plus they get guidance and support from an LBA pro and who knows, this really should be a positive life changing experience.


(interview from last season)

Key Points

  1. Email with details of the game. this could be the game reference number (which you can get from the schedule), or  send the time, date, venue.
  2. Confirm who the 2/3 students from the school are. They will have to complete this consent form once before there first gig to solidify your place.
  3. LBA attire will be provided!


This is a fantastic opportunity for students to:

  • Gain practical experience recording and photographing live sports as well as performing interviews
  • Potentially get paid
  • Improve employability
  • Possibly contribute towards coursework assignments

The role will require:

  • Filming and streaming games
  • Photographing games
  • Performing and recording interviews
  • Post-production editing

Applicants must:

  • Be reliable
  • Have a work ethic that is up for challenges
  • We promote you to use your initiative

Tip to give you ahead start:

  1. Look through LBA Instagram page to get an idea of the pictures we capture.
  2. Watch (YouTube) sports interviews especially basketball ones.