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Introduction to the LBA Primary School Competitions

The London Basketball Association is thrilled to announce the start of the “LBA Primary School Basketball Competitions”. A platform which will allow many young people from the age of 4 throught 12, to take part in the game of basketball learn skills, build carachter and to get inspired by a sport, so they can play for a lifetime! There will one event day per term, meaning three times the fun!


As usual the LBA will organizing referees, coaches and be the hub to stay in the know. Teams will have a chance play at two of the UK’s iconic basketball facilities, The Regal and Micheal Jordan court. The LBA will also be taking photographs, all of which can be found on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, as well as the LBA website. It’s a great opportunity for everyone, as both boys and girls get to be active in the sport and develop a passion for the game. On top of all of this, the winner of the third and final, WESTMINSTER ONLY, tournament in May gets the honour of representing their Westminster  in the Battle of the Boroughs tournament. .


From the great success we’ve already had in our school competitions you can rest assured that students participating in the LBA competitions will have the experience of a lifetime, so drop what you’re doing and get your school to register intrest or sign up today!



We would like to take a moment to thank our generous partners and sponsors, as without them, none of this would be possible.

Sign Up Information

  2. Before making payment please contact the LBA on your number of players, as we have limited space and want to plan for a smooth event.
  3. PLAYER CONSENT FORM. The school is responsible for the completion of this form. Please make a copy and send back the finished version to tony@thelba.co.uk . The form can be viewed here.
    • The player consent form must be handed in no less than two-weeks before each tournament
  4. By entering the tournament you agree to our rules and conditions

Tournament Details

General Info:

  1. There will be one event day per term
  2. Each event day will be restricted to certain age groups
  3. The event day will be hosted at the Regal and Jordan court (subject to change), which are based in Lambeth just across the Vauxhall bridge. The official address is: The Regal, Black Prince Community Hub, Lambeth, SE11 6AA
  4. Stay updated and watch the tournaments unfold by following us on our social media platforms at the bottom of this page.


Tournament Format:

The Autumn tournament – Term 1, October 17th

  • Age groups: 4-7 (Reception, Year 1, Year 2)
  • Tournament proceedings:
    • Arrival and introductions
    • All schools group warmup
    • Skills challenges
    • Break
    • The main event – tournament games
  • The tournament will be played 3v3 (which may be bench ball instead of scoring in hoops)
  • The rules will be explained on the day


The Spring tournament – Term 2, March 20th 

  • Age groups: 7-9 (Year 3, Year 4)
  • Tournament proceedings:
    • Arrival and introductions
    • All schools group warm up
    • Skills challenges
    • Break
    • The main event – tournament games
  • The tournament will be played 3v3
  • This will be a round-robin tournament progressing into a knockout stage and finals
  • The rules for the tournament can be found below

*This can be subject to change to 4v4 at the tournament organizer’s discretion.


The Summer tournament – Term 3, May 15th

  • Age groups: 9-11 (Year 5, Year 6)
  • Tournament proceedings:
    • Arrival and introductions
    • All schools group warm up
    • Skills challenges
    • Break
    • The main event – tournament games
  • There is a maximum of 5 players on a team, which must include 3 starters and 2 substitutes. Each team must have 2 females.
  • The tournament will be played 3v3 in preparation for the Battle of the Boroughs tournament, which the winner of the Summer Tournament will go on to compete in.
  • The rules for the tournament can be found below.

Detailed Tournament Rules


  1. NOTE: All rules only apply to spring and summer term tournaments.
  2. Games will be played on half a court that is into one basket.
  3. Only three players from each team are allowed to be on court at any one time.
  4. The first team to reach 15 points with at least a two-point margin e.g.15-13 or 19-17 shall win the game. However, the maximum time for any game shall be 10 minutes running clock and the leading team at that time shall be the winner.
  5. The Game Clock shall be a running clock and shall only be stopped for charged time-outs.
  6. Each team is allowed one 30-second time-out per game.
  7. Coaches are permitted a rolling substitution for either team & this should be as quickly as possible.
  8. The maximum time for any game is therefore 11:00 minutes (10 minutes plus two 30-second timeouts). An additional one minute injury time if required.
  9. In the case of obvious injury a special 1 minute INJURY TIME-OUT shall be allowed. The injured player MUST be substituted & cannot re-enter that particular game at any time.
  10. There are no jump balls.
  11. The game starts by a ball throwing in from top of the key. For all subsequent jump ball situation the ball shall be awarded to the defensive team. The toss of a coin between the captains determines which team receives the first ball to start the game.
  12. The ball will change possession after a successful field goal.
  13. Whenever a ball is brought into play this shall be done from the top of the key.
  14. Taking the ball back: – should a change in possession occur during play (steal, pass interception, gaining a defensive rebound, etc.) then the ball must be ‘taken back’ to the top of the key in front of the basket.
  15. Should a team score a basket after failing to ‘take the ball back’ then the basket will not count and possession of the ball shall go over to the opposition, who will “take the ball back”.
  16. Whenever the ball is taken to the top of the key, 1 player from each team MUST check the ball.
  17. There is no defence whilst the ball is being taken back to the top of the key.
  18. In the event of a tie for pool position, game results between both teams will be considered first, if still a tie, then accumulate point’s difference in that pool will be considered.



  1. On all fouls, except a shooting foul, the team not committing the foul will be rewarded the ball from the top of the key.
  2. Unsportsmanlike fouls shall be penalised by one free throw plus possession of the ball whether or not the free throw is scored.


Shooting fouls shall be penalised as follows:

  •  If the basket is made, one additional free throw is awarded to the shooter. Whether this free throw is made or missed, possession goes to the defensive team who will ‘take the ball back’.
  •  If the basket is missed only one free throw is awarded.
  •  If the free throw scores–the ball is awarded to the defence who will ‘take the ball back’.
  •  If the free throw misses–the ball is retained by the attacking team who will ‘take the ball back’.
  1. There is no line up for any free throws.
  2. Teams will forfeit the game in the following circumstances:
  •  If they have less than three players at the start of the game.
  •  Only have one player remaining on court during the game.
  •  If they are persistent in unsportsmanlike fouls or gross misconduct.
  1. A successful shot is worth two points. All successful free throws are worth 1 point.

In case of dispute, have one player from each team shoot free throws until one player fails to score. This method can also be used as an alternative to a toss of a coin at the start off the game.

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