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Introduction to the league

The London Basketball Association is thrilled to announce the return of the LBA Men’s College Basketball League! After a highly successful 2016/17 season, were back providing a high quality experience. As a member of the college league you will receive free entry into our annual LBA College Tournament. This open format tournament at the end of the season allows participants to get to play the best of the best from the surrounding area. As always we can assure you that our games will be exceptionally organized and highly competitive, so sign your team up now and get to experience the best college basketball league in all of London!


We would like to take a moment to thank our generous partners and sponsors, as without them, none of this would be possible.

Sign-Up Info

  • Please click link to complete a TEAM ENTRY FORM before the 25 September 2016
  • PLAYER CONSENT FORM, these registration forms are due before your first game.
  • By entering the league you agree to our rules and conditions
  • Cost is £325, plus an additional £50 deposit (this fee covers includes referees)
  • Players must complete a “Journey of Change” form at the start and before the end of the season

College League Details

General Info:

  • View season schedule & table standings via the LBA website. 
  • Depending on how many teams sign up, there will ideally be 2 pools, made up of an A & B division
  • Teams hosting games at their own courts will be required to provide officials (LBA can assist if needed)
  • Each team will have the opportunity to use the same Krossover highlights and analytics system used by the Cleveland Cavilers and England Basketball. Here’s a link to an article with more details.
  • Stay updated and watch the season unfold by following us on our social media platforms in the at the bottom of this page.


Season Format:

  • Stage 1 is ‘Round Robin’ within your pool. Where you play everyone in your pool once. This has to be completed by January 25 2018.
  • Stage 2 is ‘Seeded Playoff’s’ where you get one game and will decide the league champions. For example, 1st plays 2nd to determine champions and 3rd play 4th to decide 3rd place. This is to be completed by Feb 28 2018.
  • Stage 3 is ‘Exhibition Games’, where a win will not give you table points. Teams will be matched up on a voting system and are not limited to your pool. These games will be decided between January 20th, through Feb 28th and have to be completed by Easter break.


Additional Rounds:

  • ‘End of Season Tournament’ at the infamous ThunderDome in London. Date TBC. This is free to all teams in the league but also open to teams not in the league.
  • If you need help with ‘how to host a game’ click here


Pool A

Pool B

Quintin Kynaston
King Solomon
St Francis Xavier
Stanmore College
American School in London
St Dominic’s
City of Westminster College
City of Islington
Acland Burghley

Our Sponsors: