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LBA Addresses Basketball England’s Safeguarding Requirements


Recently, Basketball England announced that an immediate reprioritisation of qualifications, facilitating the licensing of coaches within the organisation, has occurred. The adjustment means that all coaches of players aged 18 years or under, must possess a DBS and current safeguarding certificate, in addition to existing coaching qualifications, in order to be a licensed coach with Basketball England. Furthermore, the full extent of this regulation obliges the possession of these certificates even when only one player of 18 years or under is in attendance.

We are proud to announce that London Basketball Association will actively assist in the further training of coaches in preparation for the 2017-2018 season. We are offering 13 separate personal development courses relevant to the wellbeing of our players. We are offering two safeguarding qualification courses, one concentrating on safeguarding children, the other on safeguarding adults, and several others courses ranging from first aid to online safety.

LBA will be holding its first personal development training day in October. Please note that for upcoming coaching duties, it will be sufficient to provide evidence to Basketball England that you have registered for a course that is within the next 60 days. 

There are two current avenues through which you can be granted free access to our 13 personal development courses:

  1.       SIGN UP to an LBA qualification course, either as a table official, referee or coach.
  2.       LBA membership – either as an individual or via an organisation membership.

Last year we noticed that the demand for basketball officials frequently went unmet across the tiers of basketball, including BUCS and high schools, because of an inadequate supply of the required officials. We therefore encourage all people to take advantage the courses we will be offering. Our membership and training course avenues are particularly accessible, affordable and valuable packages.

Safeguarding is the practice behind promoting individuals’ welfare, including protection from abuse and maltreatment, ensuring children grow in environments where effective care is provided, and preventing harm to one’s health. In England alone, last year, over 50,000 children were identified as needing protection from abuse. This is alongside current reports that sexual offences against children have sharply increased in England, thus making such declarations timely.

The London Basketball Association has aligned with Basketball England to encourage all coaches to be equipped with the training to deal with basketball players of all ages. 

The London Basketball Association runs scrimmages in the London Borough of Brent, Croydon, City of Westminster and Lambeth were the London Borough of Brent, Croydon and Westminster rank amongst the worst London boroughs according to income indicators. Research has shown a correlation between areas of high-income inequality, the City of Westminster, for example, and a higher prevalence of child abuse. For our organisation, this reflects our motivation for ensuring all our coaches have received the requisite safeguarding training.

It is important as a coach who wishes to work within Basketball England during the 2017-2018 season to register on a safeguarding course promptly. Our broader 2017-2018 schedule is due to be released towards the year end. Contact us for more information on how to join a course.

For more information on our courses, go to our Get Qualified page.