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Introduction to the Lambeth League

The London Basketball Association is thrilled to announce the first season of the ‘Lambeth’ High School League and Tournaments. A platform which will allow many teams and individuals to take part in real basketball game and everything that comes with it! It’s going to be super exciting as we have 2 stages to get through which are sure to be full of up’s and down!

As usual LBA will assist in organizing referees, be the hub to stay in the know with the latest results and upcoming fixtures. Teams will have a chance to play at our top quality neutral site and they will have host games at the home court of their choosing. The LBA will also be taking photographs, as well as holding pre- and postgame player interviews, all of which will be posted on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, as well as the LBA website. The exposure they receive through this program will not only benefit the students themselves, but the respective schools that they are playing for. On top of all of this, the students will get to play a high-quality organized tournament which happen annually at the Brixton Rec.

From the great success we’ve already had in our school competitions you can rest assure that students participating in the LBA competitions will have the experience of a lifetime, so drop what you’re doing and get your school to sign up today!

Sign Up Information

Lambeth League Details

General Info:

  • View season schedule & table standings via the LBA website. 
  • There will be under 16 leagues and under 14 leagues for both boys and girls. Each age group with a A & B division.
  • Home teams hosting games at their own courts will be required to provide officials (LBA can assist if needed)
  • Each team will have the opportunity to use the same Krossover highlights and analytics system used by the Cleveland Cavilers and England Basketball. Here’s a link to an article with more details.
  • Stay updated and watch the season unfolds by following us on our social media platforms in the at the bottom of this page.

Season Format:

  • Stage 1 is ‘Round Robin’ within your pool. Where you play everyone in your pool once. This has to be completed by Feb 28 2017.
  • Stage 2 is ‘Seeded Playoff’s’ where you get one game and will decide the league champions. For example, 1st plays 2nd to determine champions and 3rd play 4th to decide 3rd place. This is to be completed by Easter Holiday’s 2017.

Additional Rounds:

  • ‘Mid Season Tournament’ at Brixton Rec, dates & times are TBC and the winners advance into the battle of the boroughs.