Gent Qamili, Author at LBA | Basketball
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Author: Gent Qamili

  The London Basketball Association is supporting a young expanding club called Sulgrave Youth Club! It is based close to Ravenscourt Park, which is one of the top facilities for outdoor basketball in the nation. The club has served young people (8-25 years old), their families and the local community, in Hammersmith since 1926. Basketball England invested about £250,000 on Ravenscourt Park basketball facilities specifically, thus making Sulgrave an ideal youth club to attract basketball players! 

The London Basketball association staff was invited to the inauguration of the Big Half! This event will regard the first London community oriented marathon on...

On Wednesday 27th April, Sported held their first ever celebratory breakfast, which LBA CEO Tony, with young intern Asher Bennett, were lucky enough to attend...