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About London Basketball Association

Who are we?

London Basketball Association is a registered charity, established in July 2012. We are a small but intensely committed organisation, built up and employing directly from the very communities within which we work. We operate within the ‘sport for development’ sector and aim to bring positive social change in areas such as health and wellbeing, substance misuse and employment, through the powerful medium of sport, and basketball specifically.


  1. Improve live’s through encouraging and facilitating a healthier life style
  2. Increase employment in deprived and disadvantaged communities through vocational training and work experience
  3. Help cut social costs by tackling prevalent issues such as health and wellbeing, obesity and crime.


Through the sport of basketball we will benefit and unite thousands of beneficiaries from disadvantaged and deprived communities and will attribute to cutting costs to society. We will develop a high quality infrastructure allowing basketball to grow efficiently and to become accessible and affordable to all.


Among many other awards, we have attained the “Active Westminster Club Mark” and “London Youth Gold Mark”, two prestigious seals of approval for our work within our communities.


If you have any questions, feedback or ideas please contact us and let us know.


Meet the team

A persistent man who has a desire to help others through basketball and has done so ever since he left High School in the year 2000. As a young entrepreneur Tony has developed a wide range of skills including policymaking, fundraising, coaching and management. To mention some of his achievements he started his first business in 2007 and was also one of the founders and developers of London Pioneers Basketball Club. Fuse all this together and LBA is born, well equipped and determined to improve people’s lives through basketball, Tony Lazare is making that change. As a young boy he was very sporty and understands the power of sport on an individual’s life. A quote he lives by “Talent is very common, disciplined talent is very rare”.


An American retired professional basketball player with a notable career stretching over a decade in the British Basketball League. He also played professionally in France for 4 seasons. From Memphis, Tennessee, United States, Windless studied at Cowley County Community College and played small forward position. Tony won every team trophy possible and has conquered almost everything he has encountered in his career. There aren’t too many opponents who can say they’ve bettered the boy from Tennessee. One of his ex-teams Leicester Riders posed the question in an article “So what now for the man who has lived and breathed basketball ever since he was 7 years old?” A shift to developing the sport of basketball, he has been coaching for a long time now even still during his playing days. But now at LBA he will be able to affect more people by bringing the experience and knowledge of the industry and leading by example to help guide the company in the best direction for the greater good of all.